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Orangatang The Keanu, 66mm Wheels (4)

LONGBOARD WHEEL SPECS Diameter: 66mm Contact Patch: 38mm Durometers: 80a, 83a, 86a Bearing Seat: Centerset Formula: Peachy Thane Core: high-strength, high-stiffness, heat-resistant urethane With a diminutive presence and quick, bullet-time reflexes, The Keanu is a skilled and adaptable master of… [more]

Blood Orange Morgan Pro Model 70mm 84a Wheels (4)

Formula: LMF Size: 70mm Duro: 84A Offset: 2.5mm Contact: 32mm The new 84A durometer was designed to perform best with lighter riders, grippier roads, or for anyone looking to let loose. [more]

Pro-tec Classic Fullcut Independent

"This is the original 1970's skate helmet that became the most recognizable helmet of all time. It features Classic ear protection styling, a 2-stage soft foam liner, stainless steel hardware, and soft tubular webbing. Bring back the good vibes of the '70s by rockin' the full cut." [more]

GoPole Reach 17-40" Extension Pole

Extend the capabilities of your GoPro® by getting closer to the action and capturing unique angles. Shoot your subject with stability and precision, or flip the camera around on the swivel head to capture 180° POV angles of yourself. Specifications -Dimensions: 17" x 0.98" x 0.98" -Weight: 8 oz… [more]

these Free Ride Centerset FRF 727 66mm 78a Wheels (4)

Details: Introducing the first centerset from these® wheels. The team has been riding the 66mm centerset wheel for the past few months and after testing different shapes and formula's, we settled in on a 66mm x 48mm wide 37mm contact patch centerset UHR™ cored wheel wrapped in FRF 727 urethane with… [more]

SP GADGETS Remote Pole 23"

Simply clip your GoPro® Wi-Fi Remote or Smart Remote into the housing and you are ready for one-handed telescopic handle filming. The Remote Pole by SP-Gadgets can be extended and twist-locked to the following length: 23 Inch: 10,75-23" (276-582 mm) Your GoPro® Camera will attach to it without any… [more]

SP GADGETS Remote Pole 39"

Simply clip your GoPro® Wi-Fi Remote or Smart Remote into the housing and you are ready for one-handed telescopic handle filming. The Remote Pole by SP-Gadgets can be extended and twist-locked to the following length: 39 Inch: 13.6–39” (349-986 mm) Your GoPro® Camera will attach to it without any… [more]

Globber 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter w/LED Light Up wheel

Globber 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter with LED Light Up Wheels The award-winning Globber 3 Wheel Scooter provides several key attributes that are unique to the Globber Scooters brand; a Patented Secure Direction Lock for first time riders and a weight capacity of 110lbs - more than double other… [more]

Landyachtz Loco 35 (35.25" X 9" Deck Only)

The larger Loco 35’’ is great for street slashing, ally shredding and ripping at higher speeds. Length: 35.25" Width: 9" Wheelbase: 17.5" [more]

Comet Shred DT 35

Big Dave! Hes been around for a long time and holds its down for us in the Bay Area, globally and in all the various habitats that welcome frog licking, mushroom picking, and pussywillow petting. Dave is a style master, whether its surfin' parks or driveways he does it in his own unique way. Dave… [more]

Comet Shred EJ 33

As most of you know Jensen is a force to be reckoned with and has made quite the name for himself among skaters from western Ontario to San Francisco, Vancouver, and beyond. We honored him with 'The Farmer' in the past but as his style evolved over the years. This is the second variation of the… [more]

Comet Shred Heritage 38

A special limited edition run of Shred decks that only come out once a decade. Comet Shreds are modern pool shapes for cruising, shredding, hills, pools, parks, and tech sliding. Length: 38'' Width: 9.5'' Wheelbase: 20" Concave: .5'' Tail: 7" Nose: 6"… [more]

Comet Shred JH 33

The Shred 33 is one of our most successful boards ever launched. This is the first shape variation in the 33” size which belongs to team rider Jared Henry. Jared asked for a curvy natural looking board to fit his quest for Pura Vida. Featuring an amazing all-natural graphic including the Flower of… [more]

Comet Shred JMD 32

The shred 32 really came into its own last year when we decided to make it the signature board of our longest standing skater; Jeff McDonough. Jeff has been on the comet team for 10 YEARS so he’s earned the right to call this board his own with some of the sauciest style out there. Jeff loves to… [more]

Comet The Air-Frame Noah Sakamoto

The Noah Guest Air Frame is the latest in the collaboration between Noah and Comet. Air Frame technology has been under the feet of skaters ranging from Christian Hosoi to Nijah Houston. For a light and responsive double kick, there is no rival to this construction. Length: 35" Width: 9.25"… [more]

KNEKT GPLT Trigger Orange

The KNEKT GPLT is the lightest trigger of the series and sports a sleek minimalist design. This is the trigger for GoPro shooters that do not require full cage protection but need maximum capability. The GPLT trigger is designed to give you one-handed control of your GoPro camera’s video start/stop… [more]

Razor USA RipSurf

all new RipSurf - designed in Southern California. The RipSurf’s patented design allows riders to carve and cut like a real surfboard, but on dry land! Riding on two high-performance caster wheels and an authentically styled polypropylene deck, this is one ride-on that’s ready to make waves!… [more]

17 Results



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