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Caliber Truck Co. Standard Skate Truck
$25.00 - $27.00

Available in 8.5?, and 9? axle widths Raw and Blackout colorways Expanded open-yolk bushing seat – for highly customizable bushing setups Ultra-high rebound 92a Blood Orange bushings – for ideal responsiveness Universal 8-hole baseplate – for adjustable wheelbase options Inner-hanger Collarbone –… [more]

Caliber Truck Co. Caliber II 44° 184mm Skate Truck

-44-DEGREE CONTAINED BASEPLATE -10” AXLE -184MM HANGER -BLOOD ORANGE ULTRA-HR BUSHINGS (89A) -DOUBLE BARRELS -GRADE 8 STEEL KINGPIN -DESIGNED FOR HIGH SPEED AND STABILITY The Forty-Four Caliber is built for speed. The 44 degree hanger angle allows performance riders to push the limits of downhill… [more]

Caliber Truck Co. Caliber II 50° 184mm Skate Truck

-50-DEGREE CONTAINED BASEPLATE -9” AND 10” AXLES -160MM (9”) AND 184MM (10”) HANGER -BLOOD ORANGE ULTRA-HR BUSHINGS (89A) -9” W/ DOUBLE CONES -10” W/ BARREL-CONE COMBO -GRADE 8 STEEL KINGPIN The Fifty Caliber is stable at high speeds while also having an optimal angle for making strong carves. The… [more]

3 Results



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