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Carver Skateboards Amber Flag 30.75" C-7

"Wide tailed boards are so much fun because you can still rip on small sections and get lots of speed on the flats too. And they’re especially good for airs because you have all that room in the tail to push off of when you leave the ground, and a full nose to land on. The Amber Flag is that kind… [more]

Carver Skateboards CI Flyer 30.75" C-7 Complete

We’re continuing our development of surf/skate pairings with the iconic Channel Islands Flyer, designed by Al Merrick. We’ve kept the slight rail bump at the tail, giving you a slightly wider back foot platform while keeping the overall template light and snappy, just like its namesake. 9 3/4" wide… [more]

Carver Skateboards CI Pod Mod 29.25" C-7 Complete

Our collab surf/skate model with Channel Islands, the Pod Mod, is meant to be ridden wider and shorter, so we went with these characteristics and kept it on the shorter side, while giving it a bit fuller template for increased control rail-to-rail. 9 3/4" wide 6 1/8" tail 3 1/2" nose 15 1/2"… [more]

Carver Skateboards Da Monsta 31" Blue Complete

The 31" Da Monsta is a collaboration with master shaper Todd Proctor from Ventura and is a surfskate with the same look and feel of his popular 'Da Monsta' surfboard model. Describing Da Monsta as a surfboard you can skate on waves, the pairing with our surfing skateboard was just a perfect fit.… [more]

Carver Skateboards Eggbeater 30" C7 Complete

We love progressive surfing as much as the next shredder, but we also love the current look back at vintage surfboards and traditional styles of wave riding. Inspired by all the little Eggs we’re seeing in the line-up, we made the Eggbeater in the style of a single fin hull, a rounded pintail… [more]

Carver Skateboards Firefly 30.25" C7 Complete

Sometimes you want to dial in your wheelbase just so, and full-inch sizes are not specific enough. With the 30.25” Firefly we’ve shaved ¾” off our popular 31 Resin to make this board even snappier while still retaining the same progressive shape of an archetypal squash tail. The narrower nose keeps… [more]

Carver Skateboards Flying Manta 31.5" C-7

"We were stoked to meet Sean Mattison, he has a natural connection with the performance of our surfskates. To capture his dynamics on land we kept the deck a short 31 ½” overall but pushed the trucks out for a longer wheelbase. At 18 ½” it’s comparatively longer than other boards of similar length,… [more]

Carver Skateboards Fort Knox 31.25" C-7 Black Skateboard

Taylor has been on the Carver team for nearly a decade, and during his tenure we've made numerous board models for him. His most popular by far has been the Fort Knox, a mid-sized deck with the wider spooned nose for extra forward foot placement. Everything is designed to work with Taylor's style… [more]

Carver Skateboards Fraktal 33" C-7

The 33" Fraktal's mold is based on the classic double-kick pool board, with a symmetrical nose and tail kick and a medium concave, providing a wider stance than a standard shortboard, but short enough for an easy pumpability. It has all the elements you need to integrate transition, vert and air… [more]

Carver Skateboards Great Wave 37" C-7

"This Carver Great Wave C7 37" Complete Skateboard is a classic, long enough to cruise with ease but short enough to carve and pump the smaller sections. The longer wheelbase creates the stability necessary to carve down steep neighborhood hills and comfortable enough to glide to the corner store.… [more]

Carver Skateboards Inallofus 32" C-7 Complete

The Inallofus reintroduces our Rocker mold, a flat-rockered shape that curves upward just like your surfboard. We have all become so accustomed to decks with concave that we forget how good it feels to ride a flat-rocker deck. The first thing you’ll notice is how the curvature of the deck cants… [more]

Carver Skateboards Kerr Snapper 28" C-7

When we met with Josh Kerr to session design ideas for his new models we "were stoked to find that he already had a strong vision for this model. The first thing he said was how much he liked riding the little board we had given his son. He loved how snappy it was, and told us how much pumping he… [more]

Carver Skateboards Kerrzy Kerriage 31.75" C-7

Like any dedicated surfer, team rider Josh Kerr has different boards for different conditions. As part of his Carver quiver he wanted a longer diamond tail deck for bigger carves and faster lines to compliment his shorter 28” Snapper model. We kept the width slightly pulled in to keep the weight… [more]

Carver Skateboards Mini Simmons 27.5” C-7

"The 27.5” Mini Simmons was inspired by the super short blunt-nosed boards shaped by Bob Simmons in the late 1940’s, considered to be the father of the modern shortboard surfboard. For our skateboard version this means you get a shorter, lighter board with a wider nose right over the truck so you… [more]

Carver Skateboards Point Break 33.75" C7 Complete

When the director of the new Point Break approached us, he told us he wanted to work with a performance-oriented company to make the board that would not only be featured in the story of the film, but also ridden by the stunt riders for the skateboarding action scenes. We were stoked to be a part… [more]

Carver Skateboards Proteus 30.5" C-7 Complete

The Proteus skateboard features a boxy template, giving your front foot more support and allowing for a wider stance on a shorter board, while the clipped nose reduces swing weight when snapping a turn. The concave spoon nose hugs your foot and increases leverage, while the proper tail kick gives… [more]

Carver Skateboards Resin 31" C-7

"The 31" Resin. The narrow nose template and wide tail is just like your favorite squash-tail wave killer. It's plenty wide and just the right length so you can snap and pump the flats with ease, and drop in to any hill with confidence." 9 3/4" wide 6 1/4" tail 3 1/2" nose 17 " wheelbase [more]

Carver Skateboards Riddler 35.5" C-7 Skateboard

Carver’s commitment to surfskate began with surfing, so it’s natural we’d partner with shapers who’s vision overlapped with ours. Tyler Hatzikian’s focus on functional tradition dovetailed into our passion for modern surfskate perfectly. We’re stoked to introduce the new Riddler. Designed with… [more]

Carver Skateboards Serape 29.75" C-7

The Serape, which is the Spanish name for the traditional Mexican blanket we use here in SoCal for everything from Hot Rod seat covers to beach blankets, is one of our new incremental length short boards which fills in the gaps between whole-number sizes. Since the quickest pumping comes from… [more]

Carver Skateboards Stacked 31.25" C-7

The mid-sized length falls nicely between our shorter progressive models and our mid-sized models, making for a well rounded, universal cruiser. The extra width in the nose allows you to stand farther forward while keeping plenty of foot support. With its 17 3/8” wheelbase has the stability to… [more]

Carver Skateboards Swallow 29" C-7

The 29” Swallow has been one of our favorite boards for years and a staple in the Carver quiver. This little board handles like it’s namesake, fast and loose. The combination of short and wide is magic, because the shorter wheelbase makes pumping this board on the flats just effortless, but the… [more]

Carver Skateboards The Ahi 27" C-X Complete

'The Ahi', a performance skateboard made from recycled fishing nets. Based on a best-selling Carver template, this model features a double kick and nose flip design, with a fully functional tail kick. Unlike any other plastic skateboard, The Ahi is wider and has concave providing true performance… [more]

Carver Skateboards Tye Stick 25.5" C-X

The little backpack-sized shredder has never been more functional. This micro-surfer has all the performance of a bigger board, while still keeping the compact portability we love about a mini. The CX 5.0' truck set-up and 65mm Mags take it to the next level in surfskate performance. 8" wide 5"… [more]

Landyachtz Loco 33 (33"x 8.6" Deck Only)

Loco 33’’ is ideal for the skatepark, transition and street skating. Length: 33" Width: 8.6" Wheelbase: 15.3" [more]

SP GADGETS Tripod Screw Adapter

Use this handy little adapter to mount other standard cameras onto your SP GADGETS poles and handles. The standard tripod screw (1/4-20 UNC) fits just about any camera or camcorder presently available. Features: -Standard tripod screw (1/4-20 UNC)+ fastening screw -1 mounting screw + nut… [more]

XSories Pholder

Material; ABS, metal Weight: 0.039 lb Folded Size: 2.1x2x1.1 inches Unfolded Size: 3.15x2x1.1 inches [more]

GoPro Hero 3 Anti-Fog Inserts

Use GoPro's Hero 3 Anti-Fog Inserts to combat cold and humid environments that can fog up your footage. These reusable inserts last approximately four uses and can keep your GoPro recordings crystal-clear even in the most demanding conditions. [more]


This KTS is a great way to personalize your KNEKT and instantly provides a wider contact point for your finger. Custom designed and made in the USA to perfectly fit the contours of our triggers. The KTS is CNC machined from marine grade aluminum and then anodized to enhance corrosion resistance. It… [more]


KNEKT KTA Tripod Adaptor. The KTA is the finest GoPro interface available. If you want maximum holding power and durability there is nothing that compares. CNC machined in the USA out of a solid block of aluminum and then anodized KNEKT Orange the KTA provides a rock solid interface between your… [more]

Pro-tec Street Gear Elbow Pads Black
$19.95 - $24.95

"Pro-tec set the industry standard when the Street Pad series hit the scene. High- grade, durable fabrics, EVA cup foam, and full-coverage caps provide complete protection without restricting movement. An ergonomically designed splint with full wrap straps provide palm protection and wrist support… [more]

Pro-tec Street Wrist Guards Black

"An ergonomically designed splint with full wrap straps provides palm protection and wrist support without compromising your range of motion." [more]

GoPro Camera Tethers

When the going gets gnarly, it's a good idea to strap on GoPro's Camera Tethers to further secure your camera. Just stick the adhesive mount to your helmet or other flat object, then wrap the tether around the housing's backdoor to keep your GoPro in place no matter how intense the adventure gets. [more]

GoPro Floaty Backdoor

When the adventure takes you into the water, attach GoPro's Floaty Backdoor for added visibility and flotation. The Waterhousing backdoor keeps your camera dry, while the bright orange Floaty keeps your GoPro camera buoyant and visible. [more]

GoPro Hero 3 3.5mm Mic Adapter

GoPro's Hero 3 3.5 Mic Adapter connects any external 3.5mm microphone to your Hero 3 camera. It is compatible with Hero 3 cameras only. [more]

GoPro Lens replacement Kit (BacPac Compatible Housing)

GoPro's ens Replacement Kit replaces the original equipment that comes standard on your camera. The kit includes a screwdriver for quick, convenient installation. [more]

GoPro Protective Lens and Covers (Hero3+)

Wrap your Hero 3 or Hero 3+ camera in battle armor with the Protective Lens and Covers. The protective lens guards against dirt, dust, and scratches, while the lens cover adds a layer between your lens and the inside of your backpack. [more]

KNEKT KDF4 Filter (3-pack)

The KNEKT KDF4 Filter set is the first and only dive filter system on the market that allows you to take advantage of professional underwater color correction with our KNEKT Dome Port. Each set includes 3 colors that will significantly increase the image quality of the GoPro camera underwater. Our… [more]

SP GADGETS Magnet Mount

The Magnet Mount by SP-Gadgets is the perfect little helper when temporarily mounting your GoPro camera or the POV Light on metal surfaces. Do not use on moving vehicles! Features: -Direct GoPro camera attachment -Scratch-free temporary mount -Quickscrew & screw wrench… [more]


This helpful set of adhesive mounts and clips is ideal for mounting your POV Light or an action-cam to various flat or curved surfaces. The SP-Gadgets Mount Set is compatible with GoPro and similar mounting systems. Features: -2 adhesive mounts for flat surfaces -2 adhesive mounts for curved… [more]

$19.99 - $49.99

Organize your camera equipment with the P.O.V. Case by SP-Gadgets. This compact and easy to use case keeps your action-cam-set protected at all times. Fits for all GoPro® HERO cameras. Features: -Compatible with HERO, HERO2, HERO3, HERO3+ and HERO4 cameras -for Cam + Housing + LCD BacPac -for extra… [more]

SP GADGETS Swivel Arm Amount

With the Swivel Arm Mount you will be able to find that perfect camera shot with the utmost of ease. By only using 1 screw you can quickly change the angle plus you get up to 86mm of extra distance. No more bits and pieces. Features: -Compatible with HERO, HERO2, HERO3, HERO3+ and HERO4 cameras… [more]

KNEKT KDC6 Dome Port Cover

KNEKT KDC6 Six-inch Dome Port Cover for the KNEKT KSD6 Dome Port: The KNEKT KDC6 Port Cover is the perfect companion for your KSD6 Dome Port. Extra thick and durable 4mm neoprene provides the padding and protection needed when storing and transporting your dome. Like all KNEKT products we strive to… [more]

Caliber Truck Co. Standard Skate Truck
$25.00 - $27.00

Available in 8.5?, and 9? axle widths Raw and Blackout colorways Expanded open-yolk bushing seat – for highly customizable bushing setups Ultra-high rebound 92a Blood Orange bushings – for ideal responsiveness Universal 8-hole baseplate – for adjustable wheelbase options Inner-hanger Collarbone –… [more]

KNEKT Functional Pole System (FPS) 1 section

The KNEKT Functional Pole System (FPS) is an expandable system without limits. It consists of individually sealed 12" sections that interlock to provide as much reach as you want. Unlike telescoping poles the FPS floats and the interlocking design provides a rock solid connection between sections.… [more]

Pro-tec Street Knee Pads Black

"Long ago, even before the modern skate era, Pro-Tec set the standard for skateboard pads with the Street series, and we’ve been improving them ever since. The Street series passes level 1 certification and offers great protection for the pad wearer who wants non-bulky kneepads. The low profile,… [more]

GoPro Roll Bar Mount

Capture your ride from new and exciting angles with GoPro's Roll Bar Mount. This larger diameter clamp can be affixed to your bike's top tube or any other place you can fit it! With 3-way adjustable pivoting arms, you can orient your GoPro to capture your most creative shots. [more]

KNEKT KBT Bicep Tether

The KNEKT Bicep Tether is a long reach flexible option to keep you connected to your KNEKT. This tether allow you to quickly switch hands while using your device. The double d-ring design allows it to fit a wide range of users. This product has been tested and proven in the most grueling… [more]

Caliber Truck Co. Caliber II 44° 184mm Skate Truck

-44-DEGREE CONTAINED BASEPLATE -10” AXLE -184MM HANGER -BLOOD ORANGE ULTRA-HR BUSHINGS (89A) -DOUBLE BARRELS -GRADE 8 STEEL KINGPIN -DESIGNED FOR HIGH SPEED AND STABILITY The Forty-Four Caliber is built for speed. The 44 degree hanger angle allows performance riders to push the limits of downhill… [more]

Caliber Truck Co. Caliber II 50° 184mm Skate Truck

-50-DEGREE CONTAINED BASEPLATE -9” AND 10” AXLES -160MM (9”) AND 184MM (10”) HANGER -BLOOD ORANGE ULTRA-HR BUSHINGS (89A) -9” W/ DOUBLE CONES -10” W/ BARREL-CONE COMBO -GRADE 8 STEEL KINGPIN The Fifty Caliber is stable at high speeds while also having an optimal angle for making strong carves. The… [more]

GoPole Evo 26" Floating Extension Pole

The Evo is an extension pole and floatation device made for GoPro® cameras. When capturing 180° POV angles of yourself, the transparent design of the Evo makes it seemingly disappear. Specifications: Dimensions: 26" x 0.98" x 0.98" Weight: 5 oz Materials: Transparent Plastic, Rubber, Stainless… [more]

KNEKT Functional Pole System (FPS)

The KNEKT Functional Pole System (FPS) is an expandable system without limits. It consists of individually sealed 12" sections that interlock to provide as much reach as you want. Unlike telescoping poles the FPS floats and the interlocking design provides a rock solid connection between sections.… [more]


The triumphant POV Pole by SP-Gadgets is now also available in a noble, silver design! The compact and easy to use telescopic P.O.V. Pole by SP-Gadgets can be extended and twist-locked the following length: 7-19" / 175-480 mm 11.25-36" / 285-925 mm Your GoPro® camera can be directly attached to it… [more]

XSories Me-Shot Standard Selfie Stick

Specifications: - Universal 1/4” screw fits our Pholder 2.0 or any compact camera - 5section stainless steel shaft for infinite length/height choices - Soft textured silicone grip - Closes to: 9.06 inches - Extends to: 37.80 inches - Materials: stainless steel, rubber, ABS - Weight: 0.20 lb - Max.… [more]

Blood Orange Morgan Pro Model 60mm 84a Wheels (4)

Formula: LMF Size: 60mm Duro: 84A Offset: 3mm Contact: 33mm The new 84A durometer was designed to perform best with lighter riders, grippier roads, or for anyone looking to let loose. [more]

Pro-tec Classic Bucky Gloss Black Retro

"Bucky took the original 1970's Full-Cut helmet and trimmed the ear covers off to create a helmet with his own style and flair. Only available in HDPE with our 2-Stage premium soft foam liner that everyone loves for the comfort and lightweight feel, you're sure to find the right fit with four sizes… [more]

Pro-tec Classic Bucky Glow In The Dark

"When 12-time X-Games medalist and skate legend Bucky Lasek was about to drop in for his 2013 Finals run in Munich, minutes away from earning his 6th Gold, the last thing he had to worry about was protecting his dome, Pro-Tec had that covered, literally. Known for consistently landing the most… [more]

Pro-tec Classic Bucky Translucent Blue

"When 12-time X-Games medalist and skate legend Bucky Lasek was about to drop in for his 2013 Finals run in Munich, minutes away from earning his 6th Gold, the last thing he had to worry about was protecting his dome, Pro-Tec had that covered, literally. Known for consistently landing the most… [more]

Pro-tec Classic Bucky Translucent Red

"When 12-time X-Games medalist and skate legend Bucky Lasek was about to drop in for his 2013 Finals run in Munich, minutes away from earning his 6th Gold, the last thing he had to worry about was protecting his dome, Pro-Tec had that covered, literally. Known for consistently landing the most… [more]

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